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Marty Casey, Billy Sawilchik, Dino Kourelis and Bobby Kourelis; collectively, they’re known as The Lovehammers. While known internationally for their recent success on Epic Records, The Lovehammers have a long and deeply rooted history in the Chicago music scene. They have paid their dues and learned lessons only the Chicago music scene can teach.They’ve learned from their mistakesand experiencesand have risen the ranks to attain international success. Nobody knows the ins and outs of the Chicago music scenebetter than these four guys. Although they’ve toured internationally, The Lovehammers stay grounded to the place they call home. The lessons and experiences of a growing band in this city have shaped them, creating a powerhouse band in the industry.

The Lovehammers have a unique history and relationship not many bands experience. Most members of the band have been members for 17 years, Billy joining the band in 1994 .This makes The Lovehammers a tightly knit group of friends and musicians. They started off like any other band, hustling to get themselves into various clubs and bars around the city. Yet they set specific goals along the way, knowing exactly who they were and what they wanted. Growing collectively and independently in the Chicago music scene they slammed through barriers, setting their sights on the next goal. Along the way they created a very special relationship with their hometown fans, each being more of a friend than just a fan.Even now they maintain lines of communicationopen between their fans around the world but especially with their Chicago fans.

Before their major label days, these guys created a relationship with executive producer of Acoustic Chicago, Chris Steinmetz, coming together on a few key projects.With their time to collaborate again in the studio long overdue, they’ve taken the Acoustic Chicago concept and embraced it.

Even now, as a former independent band, they are still experiencing hurdles but approach them with the same DIY attitude and tenacity of an independent band,raised and hardened in Chicago. These guys have traveled the world, shared the stage with legendary musicians, and experienced unbelievably special and unique events. And for them this is just the beginning. But when it’s all said and done nothing speaks louder than the talent and great musicianship these four guys possess.

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