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Raised in the small Illinois town of Gulf, songwriter Mike Mangione, along with his brother Tom, started playing musictogether because there simply was “nothing else to do”. After years of playing drums, Mike realized that he had to put down the drums and pick up the guitar if he wanted to unleash his inner-songwriter, but it wasn’t until later on when he actually started getting feedback from his peers that he could officially consider himself a true songwriter.

Mike’s many musical influences come from great rock and roll song craftsmen like Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, to the powerful vocal ability of Jeff Buckley. Aside from being greatly influenced by his musical heroes, Mike cites his faith as a great influence on his optimistic and stylistic approach to songwriting. He believes any person or circumstance that has the power to lift you can be translated into a song, and sung with the passion and sentiment that inspired it

You will notice a unique trait about Mangione’s work is his incorporation of a talented string section , both live and in the studio. The wall of sound that is created is truly distinctive, partially due to the fact that before creating the band he and his brother knew exactly the sound they wanted to achieve, both intricate yet delicate in its delivery.

After finally getting a taste of the touring life, the brothers Mangione agree that it is both a humbling and uplifting experience to not know how the audience is going to respond to their music on a night-by-night basis. They are optimistic that Acoustic Chicago will help to be the amplifier to the voice of independent artists that has been long overdue. His track on the Acoustic Chicago album proves that he is definitely a creative voice worthy of being heard.


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