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Noah Gabriel began his music career playing guitar at the age of seven. He remembers his father spinning records by great singer/songwriters like CSNY, and Billy Joel. By the age of 12, Noah was playing in talent shows and at local parties. During this stage of his life, the “grunge” scene became very popular, but after seeing a television program featuring Stevie Ray Vaughn Noah took his music in a different direction.He began playing the blues and experimenting with jazz. He also began taking guitar lessons and music education in school, but he claims that he has learned the most through teaching himself and constant practice.These experiences helped mold him into the soulful songwriter that he is today.
Advancing from public school into a military high school deepened Noah's passion for music. Finding himself at a new school and without his old friends, he dove head first into his music, playing guitar from the time he finished his homework until the wee hours of the morning. His musical talent gained him inroads to friendships with other musicians, and he began playing in bands at parties and school functions. Before he knew it, high-school was over, and he had a choice to make. After much thought and encouragement from loved ones, he decided that a career in music made perfect sense..
In recent years, Noah has expanded his love for music even further. He had added bass guitar, piano, banjo, and singing to his list of musical talents. In addition to learning a variety of new instruments, Noah has also found that his motivations for writing songs are ever-changing. He finds that all sorts of topics can be well expressed through the medium of music.
Since October 2005 he's been making a name for himself, not only in the band format as a hot shot guitarist, but he has also been getting recognition as one of the top rising singer/songwriters in the Chicagoland area. Noah’s definition of successis being able to do what you love to do, With Noah, music and success go hand in hand.

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