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Sarah Green Potenza is a singer/songwriter hailing from the small ocean side city of Providence, Rhode Island. A misfit within the confines of a formal education in music, fate flagged Sarah down on interstate 95. An eight-point buck jumped in front of her VW resulting in a three thousand dollar check form her insurance company.Potenza found herself at a crossroads. With nothing keeping her in Rhode Island, she crossed her fingers and headed west landing in Chicago.

An early childhood exposure to musical legends like Etta James, Joni Mitchell and Joe Cocker helped Sarah develop her personal voice while evolving as a musician.  “A lot of people ask me where I got my voice. My parents put on all kinds of great stuff.” Potenza recalls.  These unique singers provided the cornerstone for her to use performance as a creative outlet, using music as a way to express her deepest emotions.

Having already performed solo at legendary Chicago venues such as The House of Blues, Subterranean and the Metro, she is forging ahead developing her skill as an artist and performer. “I love playing solo. It’s so comfortable, but it’s not where I am headed.”

Sarah’s latest endeavors include The Sarah Potenza Band. “I want to move people, get them grooving and feeling alive. That’s what this full band is all about. I want to hear my song at full force, fully realized.” Potenza says.With new influences including Lucinda Williams, Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris, Sarah has developed her unique style of soulful blues and gritty country rock.

Fully immersing herself into the Chicago music scene, Sarah’s outstanding work has guaranteed her a performance on Acoustic Chicago. Aggressively pursuing her dreams, she’s taking what she’s learned and forging ahead with new goals while breaking new barriers for herself. So look out for Sarah Potenza’s release on Acoustic Chicago in 2007.

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