Scottish McMillan : Click Here> to check out a video preview of Scottish's Acoustic Chicago track "infinity Grooves"

Initially drawn to the introspective, progressive rock of the 70's and 80's, (Rush, King Crimson, Yes, etc.), Scottish has since learned to appreciate every other style of music, finding out that the only trait he really seeks is integrity - style is irrelevant. And that applies to lyrics as well. Scottish has always been a fan of smart and provocative songwriting especially that which throws bright light on the darker sides of the human condition, and tries to do just that when he writes. It's easier to sing it like you mean it when you really do mean it.

Playing out regularly since 1992, Scottish McMillan has never stopped trying to push every possible envelope - his guitar sound, his vocal range, his lyrical insight - whatever can be pushed is pushed. As a solo act, Scottish draws more comparisons to full bands than to other solo acts, as he not only beats the snot out of his guitar, he also uses samplers and other outboard gear to fill up the room with sound. His penchant for odd time signatures, odd tunings, and highly dynamic guitar playing, including some slap-funk style rhythms, make for quite a show.

After writing, singing, and playing all the instruments on his debut CD, called 'Vice Verses,' Scottish started getting around quite a bit. He's played lots of great gigs at most of the cool Chicago venues, including the Cubby Bear and the House of Blues. He's toured the United Kingdom twice, the Eastern USA in 2004, and plans to get around much more with a new trio in the works.

Slamming all of his influences in a blender, and hitting "puree", Scottish finds his voice in every imaginable style. Many performers say their styles are widely varied. In Scottish's case, that's an understatement. Reluctant to conform and unwilling to be classified, Scottish is truly a variety act. To say Scottish plays "acoustic music" is a little bit misleading; you'll hear light, jazzy ballads one minute, and aggressively groovy, funky rock-and-roll the next. Whether you're a musician, a sound tech, or just a lover of things fresh and thought-provoking, Scottish McMillan is worth a listen

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