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Singer/Songwriter Shannon Fortune hails from Detroit Michigan, but ever since leaving home at age 16, he says he feels like a “wanderer”.He grew up playing and learning the piano as his primary instrument, mainly because of its easy accessibility through his church. Using the piano, he began his venture into songwriting in  his mid-teen years, but didn’t fully grasp his songwriting abilities until he picked up the guitar in his late-teen years when he began to travel.
Throughout his travels, he began befriending older, more experienced musicians in cities such as Cleveland and New York, opening up a world of skilled influence that he had previously not known. After making it to Chicago, he began playing in downtown subway stations on the advice of another musician. After realizing that playing in the subway was a great way to display his raw talent, and to help him focus on his performances, he began doing it on a normal basis.
Acoustic music is what Shannon was meant to play because he believes that his  outlook on life  reflects the character that acoustic music transmits. He also believes that acoustic music represents all things natural , and he is happy that a real acoustic project , Acoustic Chicago, has finally come along to help recapture the true roots of music; the point where song meets songwriter.

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