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Tim Nagle was raised in Post Falls, Idaho. Acknowledging his musical ability at an early age he cites writing songs on the piano as one of his early musical memories. Tim, although possessing an immense talent, thought of himself as an average person. His thought process soon changed after he took the advice of one of his contemporaries and began performing with his high school choir. There Tim was presented with an opportunity to showcase his talents as a performer receiving a standing ovation from a packed auditorium after a performance. This discovery and confidence in his talents sparked his desire to pursue a career in music making it a goal to one day perform to packed arenas all over the world. Equipped with this desire and knowledge of music, Tim moved to Chicago to pursue music academically.

Tim attended The Moody Bible Institute to pursue music theory, thinking he could reinforce his position as a songwriter by learning the theory behind the music. Yet he quickly found himself unhappy with the situationand realized that studying theory was not how he ultimately wanted to pursue a career in music. He had little if not any common ground with any of his colleagues and soon began to rethink his approach, changing his course of study to communications and theater. He also began to fulfill his need for performing through improv comedy, allowing him to continue to develop his confidence and stage presence. For the remainder of his college tenure music took a backseat while Tim tested out other options in the entertainment field. A year after graduation and with the encouragement of friends Tim returned to his childhood passion of singing, songwriting and performing. He joined several bands and performed at several venues in the Chicagoland area, each band teaching him something new and allowing him to take his skill to an elevated level.

As a musician performing in the rock realm his roots are not what one would expect. Raised in a very conservative, religious home Tim was never allowed to listen to rock n' roll music. He reminisces having to desensitize his parents to the rock format , still only allowing Christian rock in the house. After college Tim began to explore music beyond the borders of Christian rock. More importantly he felt the lack of a diversified musical foundation. Realizing the error in blocking himself from all other forms of music he began the process of self-educating himself, expanding his musical palette to include bands and artists outside of the Christian music format.

Never abandoning his roots and retaining a respect for his youthful influences, as a singer and songwriter, Tim's melodic and vocal styles are still heavily influenced by artists from his youth, attributing his catchiness and ear for hooks to artists such as Michael W. Smith. Yet by combining his early music role models with his later influences has produced a distinctive and unique result, which makes him an unlikely but powerful rock singer/songwriter. Add his charismatic and passionate performances and you've got a true artist possessing the entire package.

Currently Tim has found himself at a crossroads venturing back into solo artist territory. He's taking a sojourn from the complexities of the city life, breaking himself down to his core elements, reconnecting with his past and more importantly his family. Able to dedicate more time to music he is continuing to develop his songwriting, adopting new methods and techniques to crafting his songs.

With a natural talent for producing melodies, lyrics accessible yet open to interpretation and a voice performed with true rock power Tim's background and experiences have produced a unique individual in the rock community. Of all this, Tim comments "All I know is that music is something I love and something I will continue to do for the rest of my life..."

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