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Initial Consultation
Formulation of Budget
Recording Argeement
Mixing / Mastering
Packaging / Duplication
Interim Distribution
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Whether you’re a musician that wants to start promoting yourself on the live circuit or a band ready to market yourself to major record labels, Stonecutter Records has many services that musicians at any stage of their careers will find beneficial.

We know how important the process of developing your sound and presence can be, even in the beginning stages. From the initial consultation, to the pre-production and finally the production of the album, we have designed each step to enhance your sound and presence in the studio and on stage.

Our philosophy goes back to the idea of developing and nurturing artists to prepare them for the road to success in the recording industry. Our goal is to create an album that you confidently feel represents you and your skills as an artist.

No matter where you are in your career we’ll help you reach your next level. check out the links at left or view our services presentation to learn more.


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