Longtime Chicago favorites, The Lovehammers are back from their national tour giving their hometown fans yet another dose of what they’ve always been known to do …straight up rock! With a song specially written for Acoustic Chicago, they've created a tune with just as much melodic power and rhythmic drive as their electric songs.
mari anne jayme
Mari Anne Jayme’s expertise is revealed in her vocal flexibility, subtlety, and authenticity. Incorporating jazz, soul, pop, and rock stylings, Mari Anne delivers it all with R&B finesse. She truly is a versatile musician with a distinctive gift for singing
andreas kapsalis
A virtuoso acoustic guitarist renowned for his experimental 8-finger tapping technique, Andreas seamlessly weaves bass lines and chord changes with melodies on top, combining sounds and styles with odd-meters and complex compositions.
tim nagle
With a natural talent for producing melodies, lyrics accessible and open to interpretation, and a voice performed with true rock appeal Tim's background and experiences have produced a unique individual in the rock community.
sarah potenza
Sarah's songs embody the elements of folk with each song telling stories mostly of lost love, and confessions from the heart. Sarah’s style is a unique mix of soulful blues and gritty acoustic rock. Her song featured on Acoustic Chicago is as powerful and captivating as her voice.
more on Jen coming soon
noah gabriel
Noah’s songs possess an intense passion and expressive soulful delivery. His laid back approach to the guitar does not daunt the raw emotion that is channeled through each note he plays. With an equally passionate vocal delivery, Noah is quickly making a name for himself as one of Chicago’s true artists.
scottish mcmillan
Unwilling to conform to the standard sound, Scottish is truly a variety act, finding his voice in every imaginable style. Slamming all of his influences in a blender, and hitting "puree," you'll hear light, jazzy ballads one minute, and aggressively groovy, funky rock-and-roll the next.
micki croisant
You'll find Micki's prowess in her unique song structure and genuine warmth in her tone. An individual truly nurtured by the arts, her unmistakable voice resonates with delicacy and finesse. Micki’s voice is her songs and her songs are her voice. “Smile” embodies all her finest elements wrapped into an unforgettable performance.
In an industry where corporations and conglomerates determine what social concerns and themes are appropriate for their artists to voice, Malcolm’s songs emanate from the core. Artist turned activist; Malcolm’s songs are inspired from reality around him and from within and not the reality created or dictated by the media.